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About us

SIPA begins its activities, in the ferment and the desire to restart after the hard years of the second world war, as supplier of special equipments for cellars and wine industry, in Canelli (Piedmont), between Langhe and Monferrato hills, lands renowned for the high quality of their wines.

The initial production of wooden boxes and oak easels (Pupitres, used for the production of sparkling wines like the Italian Spumante) needed skilled craftsmen and Pupitres became the flagship of SIPA, distinguishing itself for precision and build quality.

Very soon, Soria family, part of the founding group that meantime has become the exclusive owner, understood the limits of a local and limited market, and thanks to this intuition, by taking also advantage of the acquired know-how, with new investments, with research and development as a mainstay of its policy, SIPA gained a leading position in the growing market of clad boards for furniture.

At the beginning of 90’s, SIPA took a step forward, with Corrado, Maurizio e Sergio Soria, third generation of the family, by increasing the range of products with SPECIAL PLYWOOD for DOORS, which is the current core business of this Company that maintains a strong presence in the territory of origin, although is fully integrated in a European and world market thanks also to high technology innovation and a new broader vision.

With more than 75 years of activity and experience, in a manufacturing plant that covers an area of 12.000 m², SIPA adapts its strategies to the needs of market, design and environmental support policies, as the implementation of certified Chain of Custody (CoC) according to the standards FSC and PEFC.

The secret of SIPA SPECIAL PLYWOOD is a magical combination of precious natural woods, italian craftsmanship and innovative production methods respecting both environment and people, like the best Made in Italy tradition.


​By continuing the tradition of innovation and diversification, the new challenge launched by SIPA is in the field of natural wood flooring.


Siparquet flooring, the latest in the Sipa range of products, is the perfect synthesis of aesthetics and performance, and brings, in the area of residential renovation, the charm, harmony with Nature, well-being and warmth of wood.

This new floor covering, extremely comfortable and quiet, is the result of an ambitious and difficult project, aimed at meeting the high-level specifications that Sipa has placed on its R&D team. The innovative idea is to produce a pre-finished wooden floor with a thickness of 3,8 mm, very thin, which benefits from unlimited potential use and does not require invasive and expensive installation interventions. Also suitable for boiserie, it is a perfect and elegant solution at low cost, to give a new look to the house.

​In the new way of understanding furniture, environments must not be independent, or even opposed, in the perspective of SIPA wood will be the trait d'union between interior and exterior, bringing into our homes its "Essence of Nature" in the most "natural" possible, exalting and letting express at its best and simply, the raw material, as has been happening for more than 70 years.

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